About us

Since 2006 Edil Globe srl imports and exports exclusively for the European market products in polymeric sand. We deal with joints for external pavers in stone, concrete, ceramic and bricks. We sell products through our distributors, retailers or directly. We also offer customer support both by telephone and through on-site intervention; we also provide brochures, data sheets and the video for a correct application of Thorad.

Thorad Sand, polymer sand for outdoor stone, terracotta and ceramic flooring.
Grouts for external flooring

Our history

  • 2006

    Edil Globe was born as a small product distribution company for construction, in particular high-quality polymer sand grouts for external pavers.

  • 2010

    A few years after the opening, Edil Globe established itself for the resale of top-of-the-range products in paving joints.

  • 2020

    Edil Globe is today a well established reality and imports and exports the polymeric sand products for the European territory.