Thorad Sand
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External Paving Joint

THORAD polymer sand "all in one" formula is a mixture of calibrated sand and polymer binders, used as joint in the installation of external paving.

THORAD polymer sand allows you to work both horizontally and downhill. Filling the joints with this product helps stabilize the paver, which remains flexible in its movements.

Ideal for

  • Pedestrian and commercial areas (e.g. avenues, patios, ramps, squares, parking, swimming pool surrounds, etc.).


  • The only sand you need, easy to apply.
  • Use above 0 ° C, fast setting, does not stain, resists sudden changes in temperature.
  • Over 15 years of positive experience.
  • More flexible than concrete, ideal for pedestrian and vehicular areas.
  • Resists cleaning salts and acids.

Why choose Thorad

Discover the innovative features of Thorad polymer sand.


With advanced technology for concrete, natural stone, ceramic and terracotta, for joints of different width


Time saving in application with only one watering


Simplified formula that reduces excess dust


The only halo-free professional multipurpose formula with reinforced polymer binder technology