Application of Thorad polymer sand

For draining and non-draining basic system - New job - Restoring existing job.


Pour THORAD polymeric sand on a completely dry and steady surface. Temperature above 0°C.


Using a push broom, spread the polymeric sand THORAD over the surface making sure to fill the full depth of the joints.


Use a vibrating plate over the entire paver surface for joints less 6mm (only on concrete paver). Make sure the joints have been filled to at least 3mm below the paver surface.


Use a stiff bristled broom for the initial sweeping of the polymeric sand THORAD. Then use a soft bristle broom to sweep the excess sand of the surface.


If allowed, use a leaf blower to ensure the removal of any residues from the surface.


Generously shower the paver one time, approximately 1 minute per 5 square meters. At least 24 hours are required to allow the polymeric sand THORAD to achieve optimal performance.


  • Check that the water has penetrated the joints by at least 2.5 cm (use a screwdriver to check, then recompact the sand)
  • Hardening / setting: remove any water residues on the surface with the leaf blower. At least 24 hours of hardening are required to ensure optimal performance of the Thorad polymer sand. Do not use the paver during this period. A cold temperature or humidity increases the type of hardening of the joints. However, the longer the hardening time, the better the quality of the product over time. In case of unexpected rain, during the hardening period, we recommend covering the surface with a tarp and removing it when the rain has stopped.
  • Make sure to apply the product without rain for at least 24 hours. Warning: a shower or heavy rain immediately after applying the product can cause the joints to wash out and the polymeric sand to spread over the surface.
  • Before using a protective or stain remover it is recommended to wait at least 30 days. Consult with the floor paver.
  • Necessary accessories: stiff bristle broom, soft bristle broom, leaf blower, vibrating plate, water hose with adjustable rain device.
  • Note that the combination of a steep descent and wide joints could reduce the penetration of water into the joints, as the water slips away. Do a little test before proceeding.
  • This product should be kept dry.